Automated Time, Attendance and Scheduling

Our time solution configures to your needs, its simple to use, and completely native to the payroll system meaning you don’t have to import/export time card files ever again.

Time, Attendance and Scheduling

Set alerts to automatically inform you when employees come in early, leave late, have a late lunch, take a long break, and/or are nearing overtime and much more!


Easily fix missed punches or manually add, edit, or delete punches in seconds. We also have a geo-fencing option which allows you to designate unlimited “fences” around a geographic location (like an office building or job site) to restrict punching to inside the fence.


Need to allocate labor? No problem.  Our system makes it easy to allocate labor by job, location, or any other metric.


Need to track meals and breaks?  Our tech makes it possible to automate your meal and break policies.

Time Clocks

Your employees will clock in or out using and combination of the following types of time clocks: mobile device, web clock (browser), virtual clock (kiosk), pin clock, magnetic card strip, proximity, bar-code, and/or bio-metric.


Customize your overtime rules to make sure they are compliant with state and federal requirements.  We help you do it ?. Receive alerts when employees approach overtime.


Managing all your shift scheduling in the same system you manage your time and attendance enables you make better-informed decisions such as knowing who is best to cover a shift.  Employees can see their shift schedule on their employee self service portal mobile phone app.


Set your time rounding rules so that they automatically round up or down to the minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc….


Set alerts to automatically inform you of such things as In Early, In Late, Late Lunch, Long Break, Overtime and more!

Paid Time Off Request

Employees can request time off for personal, vacation, or sick using our mobile app.  All requests will be approved or denied by their supervisor or other designated person. All approved paid time off will automatically be applied to the payroll.  Simple.

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