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Professional Employer Organization (PEO)
Offload Everything H.R.

"I got into business to process payroll, 
 file paperwork and calculate taxes."


- Said no one ever

What is a Professional Employer Organization?  (PEO)

A PEO is an organization of experts that handle payroll, HR, benefits & workers comp.  It’s an affordable way to outsource complicated, tedious tasks without having to hire someone.   


Without a PEO, you have to do... 

  • New-hire paperwork & reporting

  • Termination paperwork & reporting

  • Request/coordinate background checks

  • Request/coordinate drug tests

  • Write Employee Handbooks

  • Create Company Policies    

  • Conduct Sexual Harassment Training

  • Conduct Safety Training

  • Process Payroll & Manage Direct Deposit

  • Manage W2 information & distribution

  • Create & file Quarterly & Yearly taxes

  • Create & file 1095 forms 

  • Navigate complex HR situations alone 

  • Internal Investigations 

  • Time tracking & reporting

  • Create & store non-compete contracts 

  • Manage Workers Comp claims

  • Manage Benefits  

With a PEO, you get to... 


Is a PEO a good fit for your company?  

Do you have between 1-20 employees?
Is having a full-time HR specialist unnecessary?

Are you tired of dealing with payroll, taxes and paperwork? 

If you answered yes, let's talk  

Unleash your business with a PEO. 

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