Payroll Taxes

We do payroll taxes in all 50 states.

If your company employs people in multiple states and local tax jurisdictions, we have you covered.  We make it our business to assure payroll tax calculations, return filings, and tax payments are accurate and on-time no matter where your employees work in the United States.

We file all your payroll tax returns.

We handle the calculations and filings for all your federal, state, and local payroll tax returns.  We guarantee they are accurate and on-time and we promise to pay any penalties and interest if we miss a deadline.

We make all your payroll tax payments.

There are big penalties for not making your payroll tax payments on time.  We guarantee that your payroll tax payments will be made timely and accurately.

Annual Payroll Returns and W-2s

We file all your annual payroll returns such as your federal 940.  We also file any applicable state or local annual returns such as the withholding annual reconciliation return.  We also file the w-3 and w-2 with the Social Security Administration and we mail you copies to hand out to your employees.  Your employees will also receive their w-2 electronically on their employee self service app.

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