New Hire Onboarding

Bye paper. Hello paperless new hire on-boarding!

Our electronic new hire on-boarding eliminates paper, collects all the necessary employment information (including your custom documents), and is simple to use.

Hiring new team members can be an overwhelming process, especially since it involves a lot of paperwork. Magellan’s paperless onboarding is a native part of the payroll system. It sends a link to the new hire via email and then walks them through all of the necessary steps, tasks and forms required based on your company’s needs. Magellan onboarding allows the New Hire to enter information directly into our system, eliminating redundant data entry.


The new hire will be guided by an online wizard that will walk them through each step of the process.  The wizard makes sure that the onboarding process is complete and accurate; eliminating any back and forth between them and your HR department.


It’s like having a magic wand! You can easily customize onboarding templates to fit one or unlimited types of new hire onboarding processes. For example, you may want one onboarding process for your sales people, another for managers, a different one for your customer service new hires, and another one for executives.


Easily manage onboarding and compliance documentation all in one platform.  The new hire will complete the w-9, I-9 and any other document you add to the process wizard.  All completed and acknowledged documents are automatically saved to the employee’s master file in the system; so no need to download/export and file away.

Magellan Human Capital Management
  • The new hire receives an email authentication link to access the Onboarding Wizard
  • The new hire completes information and uploads supporting tax documentation (W-4, I-9, Direct Deposit)
  • If required information has been omitted, the new hire will be prompted and unable to proceed until that step is completed
  • The employee reviews and confirms all information before submission
  • An assigned editor can enter additional information (e.g., salary, verification)
  • Auto-generated emails are sent to HR and supervisors to keep them apprised of the new hire’s progress

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